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Harold Has A Monkey On His Back

 ”Get off my back!” says Harold. “Gidiyap!” says The Monkey.



Monkey Brand Peanuts!

  The Monkey has just learned about Monkey Brand Peanuts. The Monkey makes no money from sales of Monkey Brand Peanuts.


The Master Handbook of Acoustics by F. Alton Everest, TAB Books, 1981 
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"One should not injure, subjugate, enslave, torture or kill any living beings including animals, living organism, and sentient beings. This doctrine of Non-Violence (Ahimsa Dharma) is immaculate, immutable and eternal." (Sant Mahavira, Acharanga Sutra, Ch. 4)


John Wilkins, Le monde dans la Lune . Divisé en deux livres. Le premier, prouvant que la Lune peut estre un monde. Le second, que la Terre peut estre une planette. De la traduction du Sr de La Montagne. (1655)

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